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Lent 2024

Ash Wednesday:

Feb 14, 7:00pm in the Chapel

Tuesday Night Study:


A Lenten Bible study facilitated by Lead Pastor Tracy Cox, along with some special guests.

We will read familiar Bible stories in a way that will prayerfully challenge our binary understanding of whiteness and Blackness in our theology.

Tuesday, Feb 13 will begin with a Shrove Tuesday feast of pancakes with decadent toppings and sausages. (A free will offering for dinner will be accepted.) On all subsequent evenings, participants will share a light meal with soup and bread.

Tuesdays February 13 – March 19, 6:00 – 7:30pm, in the Parlor

Feb 13 - Invitation & Introduction to the Study

Feb 20 - Creation Began in the Dark (Genesis 1:1-2)

Feb 27 - Nighttime Nation Building (Genesis 15:5; 32:26; Exodus 12:23)

March 15 - Held in God’s Love (1 Samuel 3:11; 1 Kings 8:12)

March 12 - Jesus in the Night (Luke 2:3-14; Mark 14:22-26; 15:25-33)

March 19 - Abundant Life: Land, Sea, Air (John 12:24; John 10:10)

Sunday Morning Bible Study:


A discussion facilitated by our Director of Spiritual Formation, Dr. Joe Smith

The Gospels in our Bible show us Christ through the lens of the significance he held in the lives of his followers a generation after his life. But what can we know about Jesus as a figure of history? And how can we know it? Who was this itinerant prophet from Nazareth? What did he do? Why was he executed? And why does he still matter today?

Seekers’ Class, Sundays at 9:45 am, in the Parlor

Feb 25 – How Do Historians Know What They Know?

March 3 – Jesus’ Social World

March 10 – Jesus as a Mystic and Healer

March 17 – Jesus as a Prophet

March 24 – Death and Resurrection

Maundy Thursday:

March 28, 7:00pm in the Chapel

Remembering the Last Supper

Good Friday:

March 29, 12:00pm-3:00pm in the Sanctuary

Quiet reflection and prayer in the Sanctuary

Easter Egg Hunt:

Sat March 30, 2:00pm

Easter Sunday Pancake Breakfast:

March 31, 9:00am

Easter Worship:

March 31, 11:00am




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