Mystics in Motion

Let Everything You Are Praise God!

Wednesdays at 7pm in the Chapel.

worshipjam2Mystics in Motion ( formerlyWorship Jam) is an interactive, co-creative, improvisational worship in a circle that is a combination of 14th century mysticism and 21st century communal creativity. While we have a plan for each service, we are aware that the spirit may lead us in different direction. Singing, drumming, circle dancing, meditative music,full-body prayer, and multi-sensory play lead us into deep connection to Spirit and each other. Small group conversations, embedded in the service, help us reflect on how the scripture of the day affects our day-to-day lives. The prayers that follow are deep and meaningful. One last chant and a benediction usually conclude the Jam -but, of course, we never know for sure.

worshipjamThe Four Paths of Creation Spirituality create the framework for Mystics in Motion, moving through reverence, release, co-creation, and transformation. Creation Spirituality is combination of the 14th century creation-centered mysticism of Meister Eckhart and the late 20th – 21st century theology of Matthew Fox. Our focus is on embodying our faith, honoring the earth, and expanding our minds through evolutionary thought and the new cosmology. For us,scientific discoveries are the revelation of God’s infinite creativity. Insights and practices shared with other faith traditions are an affirmation of our own.

worship jam 4worshipjam5Mystics in Motion worship is an opportunity to connect with God, creation, and each other in engaging and provocative ways. It encourages deep thought and expansive theology, creating lasting friendships, a rich and honest worship experience, and an enduring sense of community. So bring an instrument. Bring your imagination. Bring your mind. Bring your spontaneous soul and join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM.drums