Creation Spirituality



What is Creation Spirituality?

  • Creation Spirituality reveres and celebrates the universe as a wholly integrated manifestation of divine creativity, from the first burst of matter 14 billion years ago to the way we live our lives today. It experiences God as creating energy, Christ as transforming energy, and Spirit as connecting energy throughout all time and space.
  • Creation Spirituality advocates the aligning of ourselves with divine wisdom through embodying the organizing principles of the cosmos: compassion, communion, and love-justice as found in all life forms, and to the universal paradigm of life-death-and-resurrection.
  • Creation Spirituality makes us aware of these universal patterns which permeate the cosmos and provides ways to consciously participate in the divine creativity through ritual, mysticism, prophetic action, compassion, and community.


We experience Creation Spirituality as the stirring of our hearts as we watch a sunset. It is in our sense of belonging when we go out into nature. It is in the bloom of loving response to a baby at a Baptism and the shared silence at the end of a beautiful anthem. It is the promise of spring as our gardens wither in late autumn. It is a child and its grandparent contemplating a bug moving across the sidewalk. It was the wave of compassion for the victims of 9/11 that swelled across our country. It is your own inner impulse to send money to UMCOR.

Creation Spirituality is the urge among all people to gather together in community. It is the worldwide effort to create peace. It is a young artist opening up an art house in a poor neighborhood. It is an aging Christian learning Buddhist meditation. It is people of different faiths chanting prayers together for peace. It is the connection of diverse mystics reaching across our planet living into a more just society. . It is the shape of creativity. It is the spiraling of our DNA. It is the path of our planet. It is the life-death-and-rebirth of stars.