Guiding Vision

God’s Guiding Vision for our church: 

  • First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh is a Christ-centered community. We are called to live our lives claimed and blessed by the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.
  • As a part of the Body of Christ, with servant hearts, we live with and for the world as we cross the boundaries of generations, races, faiths, sexual orientation, and gender differences to co-create with God and others the kin-dom of God.
  • We embrace, revere, and celebrate diversity which is the thread God uses to weave the universe.
  • God calls us to be ambassadors for Christ, creating a path of reconciliation. We share God’s radical love. Our faith is woven into every dimension of our lives.
  • We respond to a rapidly changing world and culture by confronting injustice, practicing forgiveness, serving the vulnerable, and offering the hospitality of our hearts.
  • Following Jesus, we encourage those we encounter to recognize and participate in the aura of God’s grace.
  • Our faith community points to and participates in the present and coming kin-dom of God. To achieve this we glorify God by doing God’s work.
  • Energized by hope and inspired by scripture, reason, experience, and tradition, we love God with all our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls and love our neighbors as ourselves.