Mystics in Motion

For mystic explorers, cosmic thinkers, and lovers of creation.
(Formerly known as Worship Jam)

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm

If you are a spiritually inquisitive, active, social, and creative person who wants to explore the connection between your soul and the sacredness of all creation, you may find Mystics in Motion is your spiritual community.  Mystics in Motion is a gathering of open minded people who sense that there is an important connection between themselves and the sacredness of Earth – and want to do something about that. Together we share the search for spiritual wisdom through conversations of consequence, meditation, movement, and the creative arts so that we might serve the common good and restore a healthy relationship to our planet. 

First Wednesday Focus Mystics in Motion

Order of the Sacred Earth

Wednesdays 7pm

The Mystics in Motion community has been inspired by Matthew Fox and his two young co-authors of Order of the Sacred Earth to consider taking a vow “to be the best lover and defender of mother earth that we can be.” – a vow we hope to make on retreat this September. 

Conversations about taking vows for The Order of the Sacred Earth happen mostly on the first Wednesday of the month and on various outdoor excursions throughout the year. You are welcome to join us.