Wrestling With Racism


Please consider joining one of these vigils at 6 pm on the first and second Wednesdays of each month on the corner of Centre and South Aiken in Pittsburgh!

On September 7th fourteen of us participated in the Prayer Vigil for Social Justice, most of us holding Black Lives Matter signs, as hundreds of people passed by. One African American woman drove by and parked so that she could take pictures. She spoke at length with one of our members, expressed how deeply moved she was by the vigil, and indicated that she would like to join us for worship some Sunday! Others who were walking by took photos and thanked us while oodles of drivers honked their horns or waved. These vigils are a very important, loving witness to the people of the community!

Prayer Vigils for Social Justice have been a central part of First Church’s witness for Black Lives Matter and Social Justice. We began offering BLM vigils after George Floyd was killed in 2020 and have continued ever since. We believe it is very important to regularly provide a loving witness on this busy street corner and to speak and pray about the issues that constitute injustice.

Upcoming vigils will be held on Nov 2nd, and Nov 9th.