The Hospitality Team at First United Methodist Church seeks to welcome and connect people to the life of the church through personal face-to-face interaction and the expanding use of Social Media as a ministry tool.

Our dedicated team looks to provide hospitality services to guests and members on a weekly basis. We are committed to facilitating the overall spirit of welcome within our congregation at worship services and other events.

Some activities of the Hospitality Team are:

… scheduling Greeters at each door prior to worship services

… offering Guest Packets to those who are first time guests

… organizing the monthly Birthday Celebrations following worship on the first Sunday of the month

… providing for fellowship time following all worship services

… facilitating the frequently held all-church dinners

…providing orientation luncheons for prospective new members

… organizing follow up luncheons 3-6 months after new members join the church to continue the welcoming  process, understand their experience, and get feedback as to what we may do differently and better to make them feel more a part of the congregation.

monthly_dinnersWe are also here to answer people’s questions, have an up-to-date list of church resources and activities to give out, and help people find what they are looking for from worship services, small groups, Bible Studies, Sunday School classes, pastoral help and such.

The role of our Hospitality Team is evolving as we consider conducting follow-up for visitors with letters or email, and interfacing with our pastor and church staff for ministry and personal needs for both members and visitors. The use of a new data base system and Social Media will enable this growth to occur. With this role, we will be able to strengthen the connections and fellowship between congregation members and guests to stimulate spiritual growth, social interaction, and stewardship of time and talent through mission and service.