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The Eco-Ministry Team seeks ways to reflect on the interconnectedness of all that is, and to grow in reverence of the gift of the earth in ways we have not always done. The team is actively seeking ways that First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh, and its individual members, can be more faithful and intentional in our relationship of caring for God’s Creation.

In the past, the team has held a “lunch and learn” series which focused on climate change, sustainability, fossil fuel consumption, carbon footprint, etc. and included a book study on “The Sixth Extinction.” With members of other congregations, we showed Thomas Berry’s The Great Story, as well as other short videos discussing the concept of “dominion”.

Our study of scripture from an eco-theological perspective has allowed us to draw strength from our scriptural tradition, which connects our relationship with God to our relationship with all of Creation.

We are currently focusing on our reliance on plastics, with its implications of harm to our living Earth and its relationship to climate change. In addition, we are supporting other projects within our congregation to reduce our carbon footprint by our purchases and support of other sustainability projects.

We welcome anyone who wants to share in this journey of reflection and challenge.


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Plastics Are Us: The Eco-Ministry Team Focuses on Plastics 

As a team, we have been studying scripture for guidance on living in a caring relationship with all of Creation.  This led us to our relationship with plastics. Harmful impacts of our relationship with plastics are present everywhere in Creation- in the waters, land, air and in many forms of life.

Small changes to reduce our use of plastic are a big nuisance. But with lots of small changes, good things happen. Fish and birds don’t die from plastic in the oceans and in our trees, our shared common spaces are not littered with plastic, we reduce climate changing greenhouse gasses, and we can stop using living earth to bury our refuse.

Watch for our “Plastic Facts and Re-Usable Ideas” in the bulletin.  Share your success stories in making personal changes.  Join us in our own personal efforts to adopt new practices. 

“God writes the Gospel, not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars”  Martin Luther   (from Awakening to God’s Call to Earthkeeping)

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