Caring Ministry

The Caring Ministry at FUMC Pittsburgh is an effort to reach out to those persons within our church community who are unable to be with us on a regular basis, whether long-term or short-term, and offer assistance. We care for those in nursing homes or who are homebound by sending a card, a phone call and/or a visit from time to time. Those who are recently hospitalized or ill and others such as new parents are offered meals, rides to appointments and the opportunity to have errands run for them.


The Caring Team maintains information with names of persons in need, a list of volunteers with the services they are willing to provide and a record of the needs that have been met. Each month a volunteer coordinator is appointed to oversee the project.


The church community supports this important ministry by identifying persons we can help, by volunteering to provide specific services as they are able and by offering their prayers. For additional information, please contact Karen Jacobs at