I’m New


We look forward to worshiping with you.

Our church is…

…a place of worship and fellowship that is open to all people.  Our hospitality statement describes our values as a congregation and our commitment to the Body of Christ.

…a body of volunteers who give time to each other and support to the neighborhood in which we live.

…a faith community that studies and discusses Biblical teachings and their application to our daily lives.

…a place that you can feel welcome!  Join us and see for yourself.  Our members and our pastor invite you to visit and join in fellowship with us.

A child’s life here:

Why are our children so eager to get to church on Sunday mornings?  It could be the intergenerational community, or their integration into Sunday worship.  It could be the love they experience from their Sunday School teachers and the congregation.  It could be having friends who share the same values, friends they can count on now – and in the future.  Our children know they are an important part of our church family, both socially and spiritually.  They inspire us with their spiritual wisdom and delight us with their exuberance and growth.


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